The Best Type


Everyone has heard music at least once in their life, but picking a favorite type of music can be quite a difficult choice.  There are over 200 types of music genres out there! But, most people are able to pick.  The type of music I find the most appealing to me is what most people like to call “Dub Step”.

     One reason I think I enjoy Dub Step so much is because of how I feel.  Not so much emotionally, but that deep base rumbling you get when you turn the volume up.  It feels so intense whenever I listen to it.  Quite a few different instruments can do it, so you’re not limited to one source of this amazing vibration.

     This also reminds me of the kinds of music artists I occasionally listen to who use this type of effect.  Toby Mac occasionally will make remixes of his songs and will usually include this.  Also, my older brother listens to NF, a Christian rapper who will use it in almost all of his songs.  But both of these are Christian, so when I hear Dub Step, I also hear about God.

     Lastly, the beats of which Dub Step is used appeal to me immensely.  Everywhere I go I am producing some type of beat or rhythm. Now I can put those beats out with the music I hear. Also, I have a keyboard that can make these beats so I can produce my own rhythms on that keyboard.

     This genre of music might not be for everyone, but I know a few prople who would enjoy a good beat.  My family and I are friends with another family who’s sone has a music pad.  He makes cool tunes every other day and we love to hear them.  I assure you that I’ll never grow tired of those beats that everyone knows as….Dub Step.


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