The Right Way

     It is almost certain that everyone has their bad days.  Whether it be missing our favorite movie or forgetting your lunch, they can’t be avoided.  But most bad days happen at school.

     Everyday when I finish my schooling I have assignments.  One day  I had at least 4 to 5 assignments to get done by the next lesson.  And like most people, that stressed me out a bit.  No one wants homework.

     Soon after I started I simply calmed down and walked away for a while. I went to my basement to practice some piano. It’s what I enjoy doing.  After calming down I thought of a strategy for getting my school work done, then I went back to it.

     When I got back to work I remembered the plan I drew out for myself.  Sooner or later, all my work was finished!  When you work your way past the hard part, you can accomplish the rest.

     A bad day can be very frustrating for everyone.  But if you become that stressed, you should pray to God for answers and help. If you handle these scenarios the right way, your day improves tremendously.


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