Selfish Parliament


     It is inconceivable the British Parliament would pass such unjust laws and greatly tax their own people!  First, Parliament restricts the colonists ability to trade with any countries other than Britain; this makes taxing us more profitable.  Then in 1733, they heavily taxed sugar, only to help support the French West Indies that they could be funding themselves!  The Molasses Act would expire in 1763, but right after, Parliament renewed it as The Sugar Act in 1764 implementing harsher tactics to ensure the taxes were collected. All because we wouldn’t pay an unjust law!  Later in 1751, to protect British merchants interests, which were being repaid with depreciated currency, Parliament issued the Currency Acts.  Then in 1765, they force us to feed an provide shelter for the British soldiers, who could very well have been sheltered and fed by Britain! But again, Britain took the opportunity to save money, hence the Intolerable Acts.  Soon enough, it was bound to happen; Parliament tried to establish the same authority in the colonies as in Britain.  What right did they have to do this? Finally, Parliament crossed the line by  taxing our tea, glass, lead and paper! I believe they should give us a voice in Parliament and understand how we feel about these Acts. Until then, we will have to get their attention in other ways.


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