Be Prepared


  If a Search and Rescue team has to perform an extensive search in the cold snowy mountains, they need to stay warm.  So to make sure that they keep warm, the Search and Rescue teams have two ways to do this correctly.  Layering is the first.  This is probably something that almost all moms are doing.  When it’s winder they give their children a second layer.  But Search and Rescue teams put on five layers!  This is usually only done when they are in very cold climates.  The materials the layers are made of are also very important.  If cotton gets wet, all of the insulation is lost.  But if wool does, then it does the opposite.  They also have to be careful not to overheat if it’s not that cold.  Heat transfer is their second aid.  They keep the inside warm and keep air flow constant through the layers to regulate body heat. The way the SAR teams prepare is genius and proves that they’re ready for anything!


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