Managing Time


When people have homework and assignments that need to get done fast, they often have trouble getting it all done in time.  So I’m going to list off three ways to manage your time best and how to put them in action.

     First one, which I think is most important: be organized.  When your desk is a mess and you need to find your pencil or finished homework, you’ll waste a large amount of time if you’re having to look for them. If you develop a system of finding things with ease, ti will help very much.

     Next is most people’s least favorite: limit the use of electronic devices.  When you have an important paper you have to finish and your friend ‘Snapchats’ you, this is a problem.  Any distractions from school are a no.  So mute your notifications or just turn off your phone and check it after school.

     Finally, keep a calendar.  This may be the most complicated but beneficial piece of information I can give you.  If you plan out your day, you can get things done in a much more efficient way.  But don’t forget to schedule some leisure time as well so you can take a break.  You can also get an alarm to wake you up at a good time.  Don’t say up to late either!

     Overall, if you want to get things done, then managing your time is key.


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