The Incident Command System

     When there is a collapsed building in an important area, there are a number of teams which are trained for large incidents such as this.  But, what about problems that aren’t as severe? That is what the ICS (Incident Command System) is for.  This system is built to be more flexible when it comes to important but less dire situations.  It is of much importance to our community, because if all of the larger Search and Rescue teams are on an important mission, and something happens, the ICS can help handle it.  This system, in order to handle all risks, is based on 5 management concepts.  It needs unity command, in order establish who’s in charge of who. Common terminology, so that imported teams who might use different terms can understand each other.  Flexible and modular organization, so that the teams operation can grow or diminish, without harming their main objective. Management by objective and span of control are the two that complete the five and go into much bigger detail.  But, in the end, these teams are of great importance to us, SAR teams and the community.


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