Three Search and Rescue Operations

     Search and rescue teams can be found in different varieties and each team is trained for a different field of expertise.  One of these teams is trained for avalanche rescue. This is a very important field to be educated in because other teams, such as land or air, can’t do this as well.  So these teams brave the cold and hike through the snow to get people to safety.

     Some military operations are made for search and rescue as well.  The Air Force will attempt rescue missions at high altitudes for the safety of others.  This may possibly be the most important field in search and rescue; mainly because if a plane is going down, SAR (Search and Rescue) teams on land can get to it when it crashes. However, the Air Force will give free falling passengers a chance to land sooner.

     Outdoor SAR teams are very important.  If a camper gets lost in the forest, and could be injured, he needs to be found as soon as possible.  From helicopters to tracking dogs, these men will go to great lengths to keep you safe in the wild.

     We should always honor those men and women who risk their lives for ours.



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