Wealth Morality

     Usually, if a man or woman has a fair amount of cash, or money, it normally goes unnoticed. But, when people see men & women who are rich and have a lot of money, they see it as unfair.  They think that it’s unjust and immoral to have that much wealth.  This is simply a flawed statement.  Though many people have arguments and reasons for this topic, most have been proven wrong or have been set straight.

     One of these arguments state that the rich should pay for things that the general public doesn’t.  I truly don’t understand this argument.  What right do you have to other people’s money? Just because they have more, doesn’t mean they have to give more.  There are rich people who donate to people so not all rich people hoard money.

     This next statement might be the most popular of all of these supposed monetary problems: “money is the root of all evil”.  This is one argument that was taken from the Bible but later debunked.  The Bible does contain these exact words but also has three extra words that people left out on purpose: “THE LOVE OF money is the root of all evil”.  It states that if you love money that much, then you may do sinful things to get more.  But remember, money isn’t evil, it’s how it is used.

     Finally, the statement that money itself is immoral.  This is by far the worst argument I’ve heard in a while.  If people want to use money to feed & clothe the poor, then how can they say money is immoral.  You need money to buy food and clothes for people, ever think of that.  Again, money can be used for good & bad, it isn’t wrong itself.

     Money was originally created to be used as a tool of barter.  It has no value, but people are willing to accept it as currency.  So if I work hard and make a large amount of money, it belongs to me because I worked for it.



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