I’ll Never Get Tired

-This is a re-write of a previous essay (The Best Type).  My teacher requested that I expand it a bit further.  


       Music is a wonderful gift that almost everyone enjoys. But, picking a favorite type of music is quite a difficult choice.  There are over 200 genres of music.  But, when you hear a particular song, it just clicks in your brain and that type of music is the one.  My personal favorite type of music is the one they call “dubstep”.

      The way this music is played makes me enjoy how it feels. Not so much emotionally, but the way the deep vibrations in the bass make me feel.  It just feels so intense every time I hear it.  The best way to feel it is when you’re at a concert and they begin to use the deep bass.  A feeling you’ll never forget.

     Another reason why I enjoy it is because of the source of where I hear it.  The artists who play these sounds in their music.  The first is Toby Mac, who’s music I enjoy even without dubstep.  Normally he doesn’t use it all the time, but when he makes a remix, it’s amazing! Next is N.F., who my older brother listens to.  He raps in his music and uses dubstep in almost half of all his songs.  I truly enjoy hearing these artist’s music, dub step or not.

     Lastly, the rhythm at which dubstep is played is also very appealing.  I’m usually seen tapping on something or making a beat almost everywhere I go.  Dubstep, gives me a good way to release those beats by following along with theirs.  Also, I have a keyboard I play on, so I can create my own beats on it with a certain setting.

      This type of music genre might not be for everyone, but I know a few people who enjoy  beats as much as I do.  The best part about dubstep is who I hear incorporated into it. I hear about Jesus, and what He’s doing in other people’s lives through it.  Honestly, I’ll never get tired of hearing these beats we call dubstep.


3 thoughts on “I’ll Never Get Tired

  1. Loveee this post great job!! and that is sooo awesome because I love tobymac so so much and NF is amazing too I literally love these guys so much I literally don’t know anyone else besides 1 adult who listens to NF!!!! How old are you and your brother?! ~Courtney


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