The American Revolution


     This historical revolution started with the smallest of battles, to the biggest! After the Boston Tea Party, British soldiers marched to Lexington after hearing of a hidden stockpile of weapons.  The Lexington militia, after being alerted by Paul Revere, met the British at Lexington.  After a bit of talking a shot was fired from an unknown source.  After the minutes long skirmish at Lexington, the War of Independence began. Soon after, the British reached Concord and found the stockpile.  But, they were driven away by the colonists at the North bridge.  They held the British in Boston until they retreated to Bunker Hill to meet the British once more.  George Washington was appointed at this time.  Both claimed victory but the colonists lost the hills.  Soon after, the colonists proved their naval skills with two successful battles, as well as a victory at Fort Ticonderoga.  Then, in 1776, the issuing of the Declaration of Independence occurred.  Things looked bad when the British had many successful battles, but things changed when Washington crossed the Delaware and conquered Trenton.  In 1777, at Valley Forge many of the men died and the army was discouraged, but was later reorganized by Baron Von Steuben.  Later, the British looked to be winning with their holdings in the south and victories at Camden & Charleston. Then the tides turned when Cornwallis was surrounded at Yorktown & couldn’t receive reinforcements.  This ended as a colonial victory.  After much help from the French & a few more small battles afterwards, the Treaty of Paris was signed in 1783, granting the U.S with all the land except Florida, which the British returned to the Spanish.  Finally the colonists were no longer under British rule.


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