Our Constitution

Our Constitution

About 229 years ago, many of our founding fathers sat down and signed a very important document known as the Constitution. It started with the Continental Congress signing the Declaration of Independence, which was the official resolution adopted by Congress on July 2nd, 1776. Later after the Declaration, the Articles of Confederation were put in place in the same year. They were to act as a constitution until 1787, when the real constitution was put in place. The articles were composed of 13 different articles, a conclusion, and had the signatures of Congress. So then in 1787, the Grand Convention met to discuss about a new Constitution that would keep state legislatures in check, and establish a more powerful central Government. But the delegates designed it to have the power divided evenly. Finally the Constitution was in place. Soon after, a group known as the Federalists arose, designed to promote the newly ratified Constitution. This group included Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison. Sadly, even with the constitution still in place, many of today’s presidents and candidates have been ignoring it. To this day, the Constitution of the United States is still a very famous and important historical document.


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