The Most American Dessert

The Most American Dessert

We as people have always wanted to taste the sweetness in things. That’s why we invented candy, or ice cream. But in America, there’s no dessert that represents our country better than apple pie.

So’ why is apple pie the most American dessert? Well let’s go back to when the pilgrims arrived in America for the first time. These men and women were the ones who planted the first apple trees in America. Today, 2,500 of 7,500 varieties of apples are grown in the U.S. alone. Also, the flower of the apple tree is the state flower of Michigan, an American state.

Now, is apple pie still accurate for being the all American dessert? Well, I would assume so, being that men from our past are responsible for this dessert. So, our heritage could have something to do with that. Also, the iconic appearance of an apple pie such as the smell, look, and taste just can’t be outdone.

Even though I enjoy a good apple pie, a change of pace would be nice. What I would think the all American dessert should be is a cranberry pie. Due to its uniqueness and individuality. Also, cranberries are only grown in the U.S., which would make it the accurate dessert choice.

Desserts are the best part of every meal, but some of them are more popular than others. I don’t believe that ice cream should be the American dessert choice, because it has almost nothing to do with America at all, making it an inaccurate choice. Until people say otherwise, apple pie will remain the most American of desserts.


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