America and France

The 2 cultural events of the 1700’s that I’ll be talking about are the XYZ Affair, and the Quasi-War. These two events are connected but happened in two separate years. But, both of these events were a result of the Jay Treaty. This stated that the U.S. was ending their alliance with France and was making a deal with Great Britain. Evidently this angered France and made them start capturing U.S. ships they thought were trading with Britain. At this time john Adams was president, and he sent 3 ambassadors to France hoping they could work out a Peace agreement. They met with Charles Talleyrand, a representative of the French government, and after a whole year eventually edged 2 of the 3 ambassadors out of the deal. Charles wanted to work only with ambassador Elbridge Gerry, and wanted the others to go back to America. When they arrived back they reported privately to Adams who wanted to keep it a secret, but eventually made the news public. The French responded to the release by declaring war unofficially, so the U.S. did the same. This began the Quasi-War. It was mostly a naval war, but caused much economic damage by interfering with trade ships. Eventually, peace was made with the Convention of 1800. This was due to France’s national sentiment being against the war. Despite making peace, America and France still have their differences.


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