Napoleon Bonaparte

My topic for this essay will be the life of Napoleon Bonaparte. He is known as one of the greatest generals the world has ever seen. Napoleon was  in 1769 on the island of Corsica, in the Mediterranean. At the time Corsica was a French colony, that’s why he sounded French and was able to enroll in the French military school at 15. After graduating a year later he was deemed second lieutenant in the artillery. Due to his military skill and performance he was promoted to brigadier general in 1793, before being imprisoned for 11 days. After his release, he had many successful military campaigns, which earned him popularity in France. Soon enough in 1799, he decided to overthrow France’s current government, the directory, and appoint himself first consul. He later wrote France a new constitution, became emperor, and had many more successful campaigns as emperor. Soon Napoleon had trouble financing the war, so he sold the Louisiana territory to the U.S. to buy weapons. But France soon grew tired of the war and in 1814, the French senate declared Napoleon’s empire over and exiled him to the Mediterranean island of Elba. But he escaped a year later and regained the throne in Paris. Then he rallied the French army to fight in the battle of Waterloo, which he lost dramatically to the British-Prussian forces. He was later forces to abdicate and was exiled to St. Helena where he died in 1821. Napoleon shall continue to be remembered for years to come.


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