Quick Accomplishment

Have you ever heard the phrase “teamwork makes the dream work?” Well, most of the time teamwork does in fact help accomplish our goals quicker and more efficiently. But, is this the case all the time?

The most used scenario people use to demonstrate teamwork is cleaning up or organizing somewhere. When there is more than one person cleaning the activity is done faster. But, if you work well as an individual, then that’s OK too. Honestly, we don’t need teamwork for everything we do. Then we wouldn’t learn how to do things on our own.

If you want an example say you’re racing. To finish you and your partner have to cross the finish line together. But, you’re fast, and your partner is slower than you, so you might not finish quick enough. Maybe then you could do without a second person. When you decide to use teamwork, find someone who’s as quick as you are preferably.


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