Required Assistance

     This essay’s topic is similar to very cliche movie scenes. Someone asks if the other person needs help but he declines thinking he can cope on his own. But when he sees that he can’t, he has to go back to the person and admit he needs help.

     So, do we all think we can do everything on our own? Well, I’ve said this many times, but we as humans usually want to prove to everyone that we can do things by ourselves.  But, when we can’t, we can’t ask for help from those who we already bragged to. It’s embarrassing.  So, if we need assistance from others accept it, because if we don’t, we waste time trying to avoid asking.

    Normally, the people who we need advice from are good friends and parents.  When we go out into the world we often hit roadblocks and don’t know what to do.  That’s what parents are for.  Honestly, many people can cope well on their own, but for those who can’t, they need help from others.



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