Thinking Quick

Everyone dislikes a crisis, but those who are brave enough to try and stop them have hard decisions to make. They need to choose whether to act immediately, or to slow down and think up a plan first.

Well, this all has to do with what kind of crisis there is at hand. Normally acting upon instinct can be foolish and could even worsen the situation. But, there are times when you have to act fast. But slowing planning is very important too. For example, if a king is going to war, he doesn’t just throw his troops out into the field irrationally, he plans first and acts later. It’s all about strategy.

But, when a crisis is at hand you usually don’t stand still deciding whether to act fast or plan. As humans, we just go for it hoping to get the job done. But in the end, acting fast or slowing down is completely up to you.


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