Why Whine?

I think I can safely say that everyone on the earth at least wants or has wanted something. Whether it be a toy or even a car, we’ve all wanted something. But, how did we obtain it? The way we did is even more important than actually wanting it.

So, how would we obtain the object of our desire. Well, for most young kids it’s by complaining and making a fuss. Though some parents give in to the whining, others don’t. But, this isn’t how to get things; in fact it makes it less likely for us to achieve getting it. Complaining gets us nowhere. Instead, we should try doing house work or your chores and have a good attitude, this justifies us receiving a reward.

Most importantly, complaining is a sign of immaturity. If we were resort to complaining for something, then how will we be mature enough to care for and be responsible for our reward? Overall, we should never complain to get what we want, but earn it through hard work.


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