Financial Help

There are many ways to manage your money online. But, the best financial solution for me, and I’m not saying this because I was to lazy to find other ways, is the Ron Paul curriculum personal finance course. It has truly helped my financial situation dramatically. I have avoided many small expenses, though I do occasionally give in. It has provided me with the information on how to create my own budget, which I have and use fairly often. It has also given me friendly advice on how I should go about spending on clothes and technology. The teacher that I’ve been learning from is Mr. Timothy Terrell. He’s very descriptive and uses many helpful scenarios to demonstrate his points. But, he suggests that I take notes so that what he says doesn’t just go over my head. I suggest everyone else do the same. He also gives me the occasional writing assignment to also help solidify what I’ve learned. In fact, this is one of those writing assignments. The course is not free but I would suggest paying for it. It’s worth it, trust me. If anyone were to ever consider purchasing a financial helper, this course is perfect.


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