20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Book Report

Today will be a book report on the characters from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne. This book is about scientist who discovers a strange underwater creature. Later he find’s out it’s a submarine called the Nautilus, and he’s inside it. He meets with the captain and sees amazing underwater plants and creatures. But eventually, he escapes from the ship when it gets stuck in a whirlpool, leaving him wondering if the crew’s OK. Today I’ll talk about the captain and the scientist.

The captains full title is Captain Nemo. He was a strong and tough sounding character, but he also very seemed resourceful. The furniture, food, and tables on his ship were made from undersea materials. While he seemed tough, he cared about his crew greatly, and hated it when one of his crew died later on in the book. As the story progressed, his physical condition got worse.

The next character I’ll talk about is Professor Annorax. He was a renown scientist in Britain in those days and was thrilled when a chance to make new discoveries arose. When he found himself aboard the Nautilus, he was excited to be able to study undersea life up close. He even went scuba diving!  When he first met captain Nemo they weren’t the best of friends, but he soon grew fond of him.

Now, these characters had similarities and differences. Both took an interest in sea life and loved knowledge via books. But, their personalities were different; Captain Nemo gave orders and was strong hearted, while the professor took orders and wasn’t as strong physically.

What is best about two characters having similar or different qualities is how both solve problems. It’s fun to see how they collaborate with one another and work their way around their differences. Overall, I would recommend this book to everyone who enjoys adventure and science fiction.


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