Let it Go

There are many things we care deeply about, whether it be an object or a family member, there’s something. But, there is a time to keep something, and a time to let it go. But when do we cross that line?

Family is one of those things you can truly never forget, even beyond death. But, there is a difference between remembering someone , and holding on to them and letting it eat away at your conscience. In this case, you shouldn’t forget the person, but you should also not cry about them 24/7.

So, how about objects. Well there are things that are related to big parts of our life. But, some people start holding on to every single one. So in this case, you can hold on to those sentimental pieces, but ask yourself if the ones that aren’t as sentimental are worth keeping.

If there’s one thing we as humans do, it’s make mistakes. But as we grow up we use those mistakes to get further in life; and in those instances, there are objects and people who help us make it though those times. So, you can hold on to the feelings you have when you think  someone or something, just not all the time.


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