Fast Thinking

Today’s essay is a variation of a previous essay I made about whether it is better to act upon instinct, or think about your actions first. Well, today I will talk about whether it is better to make snap judgements, or to take a lot of thought into making a judgement.

Well for starters it all depends on the situation. Here is a good example, if your friend is choking on something and you happen to notice, are you really just going to sit there and think up the most efficient way to dislodge the food from your friends throat? No! But when you decide to go on vacation, you don’t just throw all your clothes in your suitcase and rush to the airport hoping you have just enough money for a flight there and back.

But, the better option overall would be to think about what your doing first. Even if your in a crisis that needs quick thinking, just take a little longer to respond so you can think up a good strategy to accomplish whatever your dealing with. In conclusion, even if this is similar to my previous essay, it is still a very important topic to cover.


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