Book Review of With Clive in India

If you enjoy a book with action and battle, then you’ve come to the right book review. Today I will be talking about the book With Clive in India by G. A. Henty, the same author, and will be giving my own analysis at the end.

This story’s plot is about a boy named Charlie who travels to India for work and soon arrives at the bay. When he’s there, he meets a man named Johnson who begins to tell him about the India’s history with the British, and what it’s been through.

Now, I wouldn’t mind a good battle in a story, but when they occur over and over, it begins to lose it’s intense feel and slows the plot down. But, what was cool is how vividly the author would describe these real events, though the book would be considered a fiction.

What’s also interesting, is how the author of this book would have probably needed to research the history of these events in order to properly reference them in the book accurately. But, if you want to read a book that isn’t that big on historical info and detail, then this book is probably not for you. But overall, I would recommend this book to people, but I’d also mention the historical element in it as well.


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