The Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution was probably the event that inspired more labor saving devices to be developed and created. At the time, there were several key changes that occurred; steam power was introduced, iron production increased, and people discovered coal as a power source. But these changes were not the only ones to occur. In 1793, Eli Whitney invented the Cotton Gin, a machine that picks the seeds found in cotton out. Later, between the years 1800 and 1900, many more things were invented. The steamboat was created by Robert Fulton, in hopes to make transportation up and down the Mississippi River faster and more efficient. In 1838, Samuel Morse created Morse code, he also invented the telegraph during this time. Later a man named Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, which rendered Morse code and the telegraph obsolete. Finally, in 1879 Thomas Edison invented the first working light Bulb, thanks to Frank Spraugue’s DC electric motor. These inventions are what mark the era known as the Industrial Revolution, and are some which are still used today thanks to the ingenuity of those before us.


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