The Life Cycle of Butterflies

The Life Cycle of Butterflies

Today’s topic will be one everybody probably knows but is still important to cover, the life cycle of butterflies. Now if you haven’t learned about the life cycle of butterflies then don’t worry, hopefully you will learn all you need to from this essay. I have chosen the Nymphalid butterfly to cover in this essay and I will cover it’s life cycle, which will probably be no different.

So, the first stage of any butterfly is the egg. The egg is left to hatch and soon the butterfly larva, or caterpillar, will emerge and begin to eat. The caterpillar will grow very fast due to it eating all day. Sometimes the caterpillar will eat too much and have to shed its own skin. Finally when it has eaten enough, the caterpillar will form a chrysalis around itself and begin its transformation to a butterfly. Now, the Nymphalid chrysalis is one that wasps are especially fond of, meaning that the wasps would like to eat them. So to combat against these wasps, the Nymphalid will actually shake its chrysalis to repel the wasps; they will do this until it realizes that it is no longer in danger. Finally the butterfly will emerge from its chrysalis and finish its transformation. Soon, that butterfly will lay eggs and the life cycle shall begin again.

Hopefully you now know all about the life cycle of butterflies and learned somethings about a species. Oddly enough the Nymphalid has three pair of legs like all butterflies should, but one pair is slightly shorter than the others making it appear as if it has only four legs. Butterflies may not be the most fascinating creatures but they are very beautiful and their life cycle is incredible.


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