Civil War Generals

Civil War Generals

There were many generals who led the armies of North and South to battle in the Civil War, but some have made their legacy and others have been forgotten. Some of the most famous generals in the War were Northern General Ulysses S. Grant and Southern General Robert E. Lee, and that’s who I’ll talk about today.

Ulysses was born in 1822 and Graduated from West Point college in 1843. He served in the Mexican-American War before joining the fight in the Civil War 20 years later. His courage and effectiveness in the War earned him a promotion and a good image in the Union army. After the War Ulysses became the 18th president of America, something no other Civil War General had done. While president he worked to rid the country of any remaining Southern army vestiges.

Lee was born in 1807, 15 years before Ulysses, to a family who’s father had served in war. Like Ulysses, Lee also fought in the Mexican-American War before the Civil War. As a General Lee used good strategy but sadly not enough to win him the war. When the War was over Lee gained much popularity not only in the South but in the North as well. Lee also became president after the War, but not of America. He was president of Washington and Lee University. Lee was also known for his high moral standards and Christian Faith.

As I said before, many of the Civil War generals that fought in the war were not as famous as these men were, but still influenced the War’s end results. These men may have some differences, but both came together to arrange the surrender of the Southern army, and walked away satisfied. In the end, Ulysses Simpson Grant and Robert Edward Lee are, and will continue to be, two of the most influential characters in the Civil War.


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