Business Structure

When someone starts a business they often choose a business structure to complement it. Now there are many types of business structures, partnerships, sole proprietorships, corporations the whole nine yards. But if I were to start a business, I would settle with a partnership.

This is mostly due to the fact that you can spread the workload if it’s a heavy one and get jobs done quicker. But, you need to trust your partner so that you can be sure neither of you are up to something. Now, a partnership doesn’t need to be just two people, you could be working with a third and it still be a partnership. For example, if one of the three proprietors calls in sick, then the two remaining ones can function as a two person business. Have you ever heard the saying two heads are better than one, well this is a demonstration of this saying.

So in conclusion, if you start a business there are many thing you need to take into consideration. Each one is very important but to me, the kind of structure you want your business to be organized in should be the most important thing on your list.


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