Indian Wars in the West

Indian Wars in the West

During the time when our ancestors would colonize the West there were people there before them that didn’t make them feel very welcome. I’m talking about the Indian tribes that lived in the territory before the U.S. bought it from France. Some of these settlers treated the Indians horribly and forced some tribes to fight in war. There were many memorable wars fought between the settlers and the Apache and Navajo Indians led by a famous Apache chief Geronimo. These fight took place in Mexico, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas between 1849-1886. The bloodiest battles were in Arizona by far. Another tribe the Nez Perce, led by chief Joseph, were forced out of their land in 1877 by settlers. The tribe disliked military affairs but were forced to fight so the chief told the tribe to flee to Canada. Unfortunately, the tribe had to surrender to colonists after a 5 day battle 40 miles outside Canada. Though the Indians suffered many defeats to the settlers, they did win the Battle of Little Big Horn. Also known as Custer’s Last Stand, this was one of not many Indian victories. The Indians that lived in America played roles in history that might not be major but still matter. The treatment these Indians went through were terrible and were wrongly justified with the Manifest Destiny mindset, but are by men regretted today so that’s all that matters.


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