True Courage

Some people describe courage as keeping cool in a dangerous situation, to others it could be telling the one you love that you indeed love them. But, which type of courage is better. To answer this question let’s see what bravery courage is. If there was a child in the middle of a street and a car was coming and you run and grab that child, that shows courage. You kept your cool, did what you knew you could, and saved someones life. The other kind is making yourself vulnerable. Now guys, when I say vulnerable I mean emotionally vulnerable, like saying I love you to that someone or crying when you know you should. Now if you didn’t know already, some men believe that to cry or show emotion is to show weakness, but I believe it can also be a sign of emotional strength to come right out and share your feelings. Overall, in this situation emotion trumps bravery, because you can do something very brave and walk away and not say anything to anyone, but if you open up you heart and care for those who are around you, that is true courage.


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