Immigration Situation

If you follow the news you will probably be aware that the issue of other people coming into the U.S. has arisen very suddenly. But there was a similar problem back in the day known as immigration. This is still around today but where did it all start? Well, during the late 1800s the U.S. became the fastest growing nation, economically which attracted many immigrants looking for a better place to call home. But when too many people come at once, it can get very chaotic. There is a harbor around New York known as New York Harbor and this was one way people could get in. But later in 1890 the Government established immigration stations around the area, and Ellis Island was the new main station. The first person to be registered in these stations was Annie Moore, an Irish immigrant registered in 1892. Unfortunately, 5 years later these new building were burned down and many records were lost. In 1900 more buildings were made and by 1907, 1.25 million immigrants were registered and 27.5 acres were added on to the original island the station was on. The dirt they used to expand the island was taken from the subway tunnels and was re-purposed on the island. The station was made part of the Statue of Liberty monument in 1965 and is now a museum. Today there is still immigration taking place but most of it is not as public as it used to be. In the end, we can try as hard as we like but immigration will continue for quite a while longer.


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