Simple Pleasures

I enjoy explaining the answers to small but complex questions, and today’s is a very interesting one. Is it possible for the simple joys we experience every day have the same meaning and value as the more complex experiences? First, we would have to establish the differences between the two. A simple joy is when you get that cup of coffee, or your son won the basketball game, things that aren’t major but still feel pretty good. A complex experience is when you witness Niagara falls or you attend your sons wedding, those experiences that leave you completely amazed in wonderment. Now that we’ve established the differences, the answer to our question is yes. The scenarios we described could all have the same meaning if we look at all of them the same way. If we thank God for the privilege to witness all these things then they can all have the same meaning no matter what it is. After all, we wouldn’t be here or do anything if it weren’t for Him. So hopefully I’ve helped you to see the world and all it’s wonders in a different light.


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