The Richest Man in the World

The Richest Man in the World

There are many figures in history who are remembered for something they’ve done. While Leonardo wasn’t rich, he is still a very famous inventor. But there were three men in particular who all fought for the title richest man in the world, and those men were Andrew Carnegie, John Rockefeller, and J. P. Morgan. Each grew up in different environments but all three made it to the top.

John Rockefeller was born in 1819 and was a smart and studious boy from the start. He invested in his first oil refinery in 1863 and soon bought off all but one of his partner’s. Since his business and profit came from oil John had to fight off the Electric Light, Steel, and Railroad industries who would seek to dethrone him. By the time of his death, at the age of 98 John’s fortune was worth $400 Billion. That’s in today’s money!!!!

Andrew Carnegie was born in 1835 and is the only immigrant in this rivalry, Scottish to be exact. Over the course of his young life, Carnegie learned many things and had much experience in business. He was introduced to steel by the Keystone Bridge Company and would invest in steel for the rest of his career. Carnegie later founded Carnegie Steel Co. which he ran for many years before selling his company to J. P. Morgan just to try and beat Rockefeller as the richest man in the world. Sold it for $400 million in today’s money, pocketing $225milion.

J. P. Morgan was born in 1837 and is last on our list. He engaged in his father’s banking business in 1858 and built his reputation there. Morgan is remembered for many things he did in his life, such as refilling the U.S. Treasury with 30 million oz. of gold ,with the help of his fellow bankers, during the Panic of 1893, buying off Carnegie Steel, and investing in Electric Lights resulting in the General Electric Company. He also donated $30 million to Wall Street in 1907 during a time of economic struggle, and inspired the Federal Reserve which was made in 1914.

All three of these men were famous for the money they made and the businesses they ran, but which earned the title richest man in the world? Well, many agree that John D. Rockefeller was indeed the richest man in American history. But, all three will be remembered as three of the most successful and brilliant minds in history for many years to come.


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