America’s Sports

America’s Sports

People have always loved the outdoors and getting active, and sometimes we invent activities that we can do outside. But, we don’t always imagine that a fun little game we played in our backyard would become the most watched televised event ever! So today we will look at the origins of popular sports and who invented them. One of my favorite sports is basketball and the name will make sense when you here its origins. James Naismith invented it in 1891 by placing peach baskets on high poles so the teams had to get the ball into the baskets. I just feel sorry for whoever had to get the ball back out. This game was invented to be a less injury prone game than Football. Football was not technically invented but developed over time. Early forms of the game were played as far back as 1869 and many of it’s roots were derived from Rugby. With the 1st Rose Bowl in 1902 Football was not very famous until the first Superbowl in 1959 which grabbed many people’s attention. But, the game that was developed long before both of these games was the ever famous Baseball. Known as “America’s Pastime” Baseball’s early forms can be traced back to the 1800’s but a fully organized version was not developed until 1845 by Alex Cartwright. The game was fairly popular with it’s first World Series in 1903. Over the years these games received many changes along the way, Football received more padding, Basketball traded it’s baskets for netting, and so on. But overall, these games never lost their charm or fun no matter what changes were made.


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