World War II

World War II

Following up on my previous essay about World War I, today will cover World War II as best as I can. This was such an extensive war that had so many effects around the world that it all won’t fit in one essay, so an aftermath of the war essay will proceed this one.

The War began with Germany. While still abiding by the treaty of WWI, Germany was increasing their fire power and was ready to start a war. But even with all their land and resources Germany, led by Adolf Hitler, wanted more. They looked to Poland and fought with the Soviet Union, or Russia, over it and eventually conquered it in 5 weeks. At this point Germany had become enough of a threat to want to make Britain and France declare War on them.

Even though Britain and France started a war, they did not fully engage in a major battle for a while. But when the German U-Boats, or submarines, began sinking French and British trade ships, then they retaliated by learning how to deal with the U-Boats. Later Germany had conquered Belgium, France, and the Netherlands by going around the countries’ line of defense, or the Maginot Line. Now without thinking they were out of his reach, Hitler set his sights on conquering Britain and Russia. Now with Britain, Germany used a series of bombings to weaken the country and it’s army, but this was the one countries that Germany was unable to conquer during the entire war. For The Soviet Union, Hitler initiated operation Barbarossa, invading Russia across an 1800 mile border with 4 million soldiers. But sadly for them, they were forced to retreat after almost conquering Moscow with 1 million casualties. Hitler attempted many follow up invasions but they all failed.

Now the Allied forces were striking back by taking over Germany’s North African foothold, which they accomplished near the beginning of the war. The Allied forces later gained U.S. help and, through the beaches of Normandy, were able to stake a foothold in France. Soon the German forces were not what they used to be and finally, the last big German offensive took place at the Battle of the Bulge where the Germans lost to France at the border between France and Germany. The German forces were chased all the way back to Germany’s capital, Berlin;  the Soviet Union’s Red Army forced the city of Berlin to surrender in a matter of weeks. The German armies officially surrendered on May 8th, 1945, or Victory in Europe day. Hitler was never found due to him killing himself before the city of Berlin surrendered. World War II saw over 60 million people die, 3% of the Earth’s population in 1939, and all it accomplished was the growth the Soviet’s border, all other borders reverted back to what they were originally. In conclusion, World War II was a war that was fought at a big cost with nothing gained, and in this case that big cost was $11 Trillion that the U.S. still has to pay off.


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