The Turning Point

This essay is supposed to be all about some of the “major turning points” in my life. Now most people when they hear the phrase turning point used like this they might think of a person having a near death experience, or someones life after being addicted to something. But I think everyone has gone through a major turning point, and that’s what I’m going to be talking about today.

You might not have realized this, but this turning point in our lives begins when we turn 13. Now what I’m referring to is the process that occurs in the human body that we all know and love: Puberty. Growing up you probably relied on your parents for almost everything, your food, the changing of clothes, even just brushing your teeth. Obviously as you get older you begin to pick up on all the things your parents helped you with, and become a more independent person. So when you begin to go through your teen years the world becomes a different place, and while that might not be the case for everyone it is for most. At this point in your life you can mostly take care of yourself, and your parents barely need to lift a finger to help keep you alive now; but you still need them.

As you go through puberty many hormones rush through our bodies, these hormones effect many different areas of the body. The ones I’ll talk about are the ones in our brain. During this time many teens have something called mood swings, which is when you can feel happy at one point, but then all of a sudden can feel depressed. You also might begin to see your parents a different light now that you barely need their help. This obviously isn’t what happens to every teenager, but the phrase “moody teen” comes from this effect. This may lead to more serious things like depression or having an identity crisis if you had no assistance from your friends or family. While you may see your parents as strict and unfair dictators as a teen, as you get older and start to seek their advice, you begin to realize why they did what they did. They might not have let you listen to certain music because of the horrible lyrics, or let you go out alone for fear of kidnapping. You should try to see things thing  from their perspective, as a parent, and could even use some of their tactics for when you become a parent.

In conclusion, we’ve all had a major turning point in our lives; even if it had nothing to do with a near death experience. As we grow older, the way we see our parents changes dramatically. It can go from needing them to help tie our shoes, to needing their wisdom and advice on relationships. This might not be the case in your life, but again it probably will be for the rest of you; including myself.


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