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Moments of Glory

Are there heroes that will be remembered forever, or are all heroes doomed to be forgotten? Well, topics like these can be either obvious or tricky to put an answer to, and for this question the answer is both. Anyone would obviously say that not all heroes will be permanently forgotten, but they aren’t always remembered forever either. This is all dependent on whether the feat that made them a “hero” per say was big or small. If a man saved a cat from a tree, then obviously he would make the city paper and soon no one would really remember he did anything. But if someone had saved multiple people from a burning building, and then stopped the fire, then he would be a bit more of a star at that point. Now here is where it gets tricky, this man will not be remembered forever either; he might have the occasional person recognize him on the street but all heroes such as these eventually disappear. So the 50/50 answer is that not all heroes are doomed to be forgotten, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be remembered for eternity either. They will have their moments of glory, but those moments won’t stick around forever.

Simple Pleasures

I enjoy explaining the answers to small but complex questions, and today’s is a very interesting one. Is it possible for the simple joys we experience every day have the same meaning and value as the more complex experiences? First, we would have to establish the differences between the two. A simple joy is when you get that cup of coffee, or your son won the basketball game, things that aren’t major but still feel pretty good. A complex experience is when you witness Niagara falls or you attend your sons wedding, those experiences that leave you completely amazed in wonderment. Now that we’ve established the differences, the answer to our question is yes. The scenarios we described could all have the same meaning if we look at all of them the same way. If we thank God for the privilege to witness all these things then they can all have the same meaning no matter what it is. After all, we wouldn’t be here or do anything if it weren’t for Him. So hopefully I’ve helped you to see the world and all it’s wonders in a different light.

Very Exciting Things

If you suddenly hear about an amazing opportunity you can become a part of then chances are you become pretty enthusiastic about it. But the question we are going to answer today is can someone be to enthusiastic about something. The simple answer is yes, because you can be to excited to do something, and certain things could go wrong. For example, if you suggest going to Florida for vacation you immediately pack all your things, chances are you forgot a few important important things. Things like how will you get there? where will you stay? how much will it cost? things such as this. If you say yes too quickly you haven’t used good judgement in the instance you need it most. But, not to say you can’t be enthusiastic about things, the point is you can’t overlook the obvious and important facts just because you really want to do it. So before you get all excited to do something, stop and think it through, it could help a whole lot.


At many points in history there have been disagreements and people have been divided. Anybody can dream of a society that is perfect, agreeable, and friendly, but is such a society achievable? The answer is obvious but has not been achievable so far; yes. But the problem is, we would all have to agree on one view point and that is something that can sadly never be achieved, because of human nature. There is one way to truly be united, and that is to be united in Christ. There should be only one way to live but sadly when sin came into the world division was evident. At this very moment we are to be united as one big family in Christ, but we aren’t. Hopefully one day we will a see a world where we are united as a society, but probably not anytime soon.

The War of 1812

If you have followed me for a while you now that the War of 1812 was passed by a long time ago. Well this essay’s topic is an event that occurred during the 19th century, so I chose the War. This war was fought by the same two sides who fought in the American Revolution, Britain and America. The war was sparked by the Chesapeake Affair, when the British captured an American vessel and executed a sailor who had deserted the British navy before. The battles to follow would go down in history.

A group of men known as the “War Hawks”, led by Henry Clay, hoped to respond to this injustice through war. Soon enough, War was declared in 1812 by the U.S. Later the Native Americans were being armed by the British in order to stop them from moving westward, when the War Hawks saw Florida as expansion targets. But sadly, in order for one of the two sides to control Canada they needed control over the Great Lakes. Britain had the Lakes but in the September of 1814 the U.S. gained control of Lake Champlain.

The fighting went on for both sides with no major battles until 1814. At this time the British defeated Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo, and were now finally able to turn all of their attention to the war in America. The British had burned down many historical buildings and were now moving North to Baltimore to an important ship building and repair port known as Fort McHenry. This was where the odds looked slim but the fort remained in tact and operational despite the constant rain of artillery. This is where the iconic National Anthem was born, the “Rocket’s red glare” and bombs were the British trying to take Fort McHenry.

But soon both sides grew tired of the fighting and arranged for terms of peace which led to the Treaty of Ghent in 1814. Went into full effect after ratification in February 1815. What the Treaty did was basically set everything back to the way it was before, which means that the 3 years that both sides spent fighting was all for nothing. But when the fighting stopped, the American Flag was still waving in the Fort, inspiring Francis Scott Key to write down the National Anthem.

It’s a very sad fact that after many years of fighting the 24,000 American and British lives that were taken during the War were all for nothing. This just goes to show that war is a terrible thing and even when one side wins it cost the lives of many many people. The president who over saw the War was none other that Thomas Jefferson, his vice was James Monroe. Monroe would later become president in 1816. But in the end, the War of 1812 was a war that would go down in history, but not entirely for the right reasons.

True Courage

Some people describe courage as keeping cool in a dangerous situation, to others it could be telling the one you love that you indeed love them. But, which type of courage is better. To answer this question let’s see what bravery courage is. If there was a child in the middle of a street and a car was coming and you run and grab that child, that shows courage. You kept your cool, did what you knew you could, and saved someones life. The other kind is making yourself vulnerable. Now guys, when I say vulnerable I mean emotionally vulnerable, like saying I love you to that someone or crying when you know you should. Now if you didn’t know already, some men believe that to cry or show emotion is to show weakness, but I believe it can also be a sign of emotional strength to come right out and share your feelings. Overall, in this situation emotion trumps bravery, because you can do something very brave and walk away and not say anything to anyone, but if you open up you heart and care for those who are around you, that is true courage.

Fame V.S. Wisdom

Today’s question is a very important one with an simple answer, “Is someone who is famous a better role model than someone who isn’t famous.” This is a question that can have multiple answers. The first is no, because someone can be very famous but not have high moral standards; whereas if your dad isn’t famous you can still look up to him and see how he does things. Now not all celebrities have this kind of description, some can be very good role models and a nice person to be around over all. Plus, not everyone’s dad can be a perfect role model, so the question can depend. But in most circumstances, someone who isn’t famous can still wind up being a better role model than someone who is.